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Stretch blow mold

* Bottle design
Mega design department is equipped with advanced 2D & 3D modeling software. Those systems are used to design PET bottle as well as the complex surface generation for today’s plastic industry. Together with many years’ experience and advanced design tools, Mega can turn your bottle design idea into reality and make sure it meets your requirement.
* Material for mold building

45# carbon steel is usually considered as standard material to build stretch blow mold because it is very easy to machining after forging treatment. However, as customer's requirement, we also use S136 to build mold. It is a kind of stainless steel with high hardness (about HRC 30). With such steel, no hard chrome plated treatment need be done on mold cavity and such mold has much longer using life. Besides, sometimes we also chose aluminum as mold building material for its great heat transmission and lightweight.

* Mold building machining

For different bottle shape, Mega adopts Lathe, EDM and CNC machining center on mold building correspondingly. Perfect shaping, final volume matching, slight parting-line on the final bottle and proper cooling channels design with leakage proof are main features of Mega stretch blow mold.

* Coating after machining

After final test on the mold, we will make the mold surface chrome plated to prevent the mold from rusting and increase mold surface hardness for long time use, the different coatings also are available at Mega Machinery.

* Quality control and inspection

At the beginning of the bottle design, we pay much attention to bottle shape and volume. During building we select the most suitable machining techniques and tools to get a nice mold body. After assembly, we will test the mold several times to check the bottle actual volume, parting line and final shape. If needed, the adjustments will be done on the mold so that it meets customer' requirement completely.

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