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plastic injection mold
plastic injection mold
Brief introduction
Mega Machinery’s PET series injection molding machine has unique design. It perfect fit our PET preform molds. Special screw designs are optimized for perform production, ensuring the quality of melted PET and reducing acetaldehyde on preform.


* Injection unit
1. Special screw L/D ratio for PET prefrom molding.
2. Nitrided screw & barrel ensure lasting service life.
3. Screw made by CNC thread grinder achieves powerful plasticizing capacity and homogeneous mixing.
4 High precision pressure gauges indicate injection pressure timely.
5. Adjustable pressure and flow proportional valve increase reliability and sensitivity.
6. High quality linear potentiometer for screw stroke control
7. Balanced double cylinder injection system ensures smooth movement.
8. Easily adjustable multi-step injection pressure and speed of injection & hold pressure.
9. Injection screw driven directly by a high hydraulic motor

* Clamping unit
1. Computer optimized international standard toggle mechanism.
2. Platen and toggle in accuracy machined by CNC machine with large open stroke design, smooth and reliable movement.
3. Automatic tools-height adjustment by hydraulic motor through a planetary gears system ensures fast and constant settings.
4. Four high tensile strength tie-bars produced by CNC lathe and matched with anti-friction bushes to ensure the long service life.
5. Low-pressure mold protection.
6. Multi-eject functions with adjustable pressure, speed, position and delay time fit for various molding conditions.
7. Linear potentiometer for clamping and ejection position control.
8. Adjustable multi-stage speed for mold open and close.

* Control unit
1. Adopting Micro-processor Controller with large LCD display..
2. Alarm display indicates error during operation.
3. Screen display in numerous languages.
4. Clamping, injection and ejection are controlled by high precision linear transducer.
5. High capacity memory to store more than 60 sets of all molding parameters.
6. Self Locking function to protect the data from unauthorized modification.
7. Manual, semi-auto, auto mode available

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