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MG-S2500 automatic stretch blow molding machine

* Brief introduction

Controlled by PLC, the whole process of MG-S2500 from preform feeding to bottle discharging is completed automatically, with advantages of labor saving and no pollution. MG-S2500 consists of three main parts: preform loading system, Heater channel & blow station. MG-S2500 is designed by European CE symbol, as well as MG-S2500 is measured up to ISO9001 standard, guaranteeing the quality of the products.
* Control system

Together with HITECH Man-Machine Interaction (MMI) control panel with user-friendly touch screen, the whole control system presents super performance with precise control, convenient parameter setup, obvious display and reasonable memory.
* Pneumatic system

Pneumatic system provides the power for MG-S2500’s movement. It is equipped with world famous pneumatic components such as Festo from Germany. High precise action, long service life and reliable performance are their highlights. With global service network, those pneumatic components suppliers provide customer their prompt after-sale service locally for their pneumatic products used on MG-S2500.
* Sensor system

MG-S2500 adopts high quality imported sensor & switch system including proximity switch, photoelectric switch, and electronic magnet switch to keep production process going step by step and avoid any possible damage on machine.
* Heating system

MG-S2500 automatic stretch blow molding machine adopts infrared type heating mode, whose superior thermal-radiation and thermal penetrability provide machine with powerful heating to meet strict preform heating requirement under speedy moving. Infrared heating lamps placed onto three heating zone with independent voltage adjusting module and advanced microcomputer controller, can offer ideal heating effect for preform in different size. Each lamp’s horizontal position is adjustable to keep the machine flexible.
* Clamping system

MG-S2500 adopts four-plate type toggle clamping unit to provide powerful clamping force and increase the speed of mold opening and closing. Apart from the four-plate type toggle clamping unit, there is a high pressure assistant clamping device that is special designed to get a firm clamping.
* Preform feeding & bottle discharging system
MG-S2500 automatic stretch blow molding machine is equipped with patented prefrom loading system, which consists of two manipulators: rectilineal manipulator and overturning manipulator. The rectilineal manipulator moves preform with neck up to the preform holder, after heating, the overturning manipulator grips heated preform and overturn 180°, put preform to blow station with neck down. After stretching and blowing, the bottle is taken off by overturning manipulator with neck up. The specially designed preform loading & bottle discharging system avoid possible damage to preform & bottle during transportation
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