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MG-S1300 automatic stretch blow molding machine

Some of the container produced by MG-S1300 is below:

Carbonated Drink Bottles

Edible Oil Bottle

Water Bottle

Wine Bottle

Pesticide Bottle

Medicine Bottle
Apart from the products above, MG-S1300 also makes many other PET bottles of various shapes and volumes. If more details needed in Mega and MG-S1300, please contact us Here you will get more detailed information of MG series products and get a satisfied reply to your inquire.


The standard operation of MG-S1300 linear stretch blow molding machine includes four steps as follow:
Step 1. Put the preform into preform container and the moving manipulator will take the preform to orientation units automatically.
Step 2. Load the preform with neck up to preform holder, and then preform is conveyed into baking tunnel.
Step 3. After heating, preform is conveyed into the blow station by overturning manipulator with preform’s neck down, then close the mold, stretch and blow under low pressure and high pressure, exhaust, open the mold.
Step 4. The finished bottle is taken off by overturning manipulator.
China MG-S1300 automatic stretch blow molding machine Factoryblow molding machine

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