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Industry News
The China Valve Development of 2010 Facing The Transformation
August 25, 2010

With the transfer of oil development towards mainland and offshore, as well as the power industry changing from under 300,000 kilowatts thermal power to above 300,000 kilowatts of thermal also hydropower and nuclear power, corresponding changes in its performance and parameter shoule be based on changes in equipment applications. Urban systems are generally use a large number of low-pressure plastic valve, and to the development of environment-friendly and energy-saving, that is, from a low-voltage iron gate valves used in the past gradually shifted environment-friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and the center line butterfly valve sealing. Oil and gas transmission projects to develop in the direction of the pipe fitting. From the energy conservation perspective, the steam trap should be developed, and to the high parameters development of the cip sub-critical and supercritical.

The construction of the power plant pvc fitting move to the large-scale development, and therefore it requires larger diameter and higher pressure and also need quick-open and close valve. The slitting machine needs of the complete works develop from single species to a multi-species and multi-standard. The valves required for one project are all provided by an exclusive valve manufacturer has become the trend.

Generally speaking, China's hose price system is relatively stable, although has a slight up or down every year. According to the North China valve market, we found a number of companies make a profit shoddy, they disturbed the valve market badly. The main problems in the valve market are: First, some of the valve operators purchase the factory site of non-factory name, and print the brand-name and the certification of the well-known manufacturers, this cause serious harm to the reputation of businesses of qualified valve. Secondly, valve refurbishment, some of the operators do the second time sales through re-paint the waste valve, it bring serious security risks to the quality of the project.

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Advantages and Limitations in China Heavy Machine Tool Manufacturers
August 23, 2010

In recent years, increasing the ability of providing key equipment for state key construction projects becomes more and more valued for heavy machine power tools manufacturers, and they have researched and developed a number of heavy equipments for major projects. Such as, CNC Vertical Milling Lathe, which has the independent intellectual property rights and the processing diameter is 28m; CNC Heavy Horizontal Type Lathe, with 5000mm turning diameter and 500t weight capacity; CNC Floor-type Milling Machine, its boring bar diameter is 320mm; Double Gantry CNC Milling Machine with 11m processing width has created a record of the largest processing specification in the world, it also has changed the situation that the key power tools used for China's important projects construction mainly rely on import which has spent a lot of foreign exchange and been controlled by others.

In order to meet the tools market demand, enterprises have increased the investment of technology transformation and established reliable technical support for large-scale processing equipments that needed for state key projects, and it has significantly shortened the air tools development and manufacturing cycle of new products. When enterprises transform their technology, they also have exercised their technology development team. The technology transformation project itself is numerical control product that can be supplied for customers.

It is worth noting that the economic and social development has great impact on the prospect of heavy machine garden tools market, and it also has some limitations that the range of the industry who need the products is quite narrow, the step is high, the national policies have a great influence on the garden tools market demand and the market response is relatively backward. The capital of investing heavy machine tool is relatively high and the payment cycle is long, and its long lifespan leads to long replacing cycle, which restrict the investment strength. Therefore, if China packing machine still doesn't regulate and guide the current investment boom of producing heavy blow molding machine tools, it will result in the industry imbalance, the business investment risk increasing and finally the follow-up crisis of industries and enterprises.

The demand of heavy machine tools users for ordinary and middle and lower class CNC machine tools will become flat, mainly is the addition of key equipment. To choose import blow molding machine products or domestic products is a competition to measure the technology level, which is not only a key opportunity for the development stage of China's heavy machine pvc fitting industry, but also a test for the capacity of grasping the opportunity, and more is a challenge for the manufacturing ability of China's heavy machine tool industry. The demand of high-end CNC heavy machine tools for the market is an indisputable fact, the key is whether the domestic slitting machine manufacturers can develop and manufacture high-end products to satisfy users. As for the heavy machine tools, we will not only make the largest specification in the world toward the utmost, but also improve the accuracy, reliability and technology and achieve results. The development trend of heavy machine tools and whether they can seize the domestic market lie in the key plastic valve equipment that satisfy the user demand, which is the heavy machine tool industry's most important thing and unshirkable historical responsibility during the Twelfth Five-Year Period.

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Three Advanced Consciousness Boosting Food Packaging Machinery Business to Create New Future

First, the advanced consciousness of market research. Nowadays the higher living standard of people brings the much stronger demand. The packing machine manufacturers need going deep into the general markets, in order to leading the market with their own food machine development all the time, to change the thinking of what the market needed is what we're to develop and produce to what we developed and produced is what popular in the market. Also manufacturers should take in mind that they need to develop new generation, and eliminate the old, then keeping upgrading of products continually. With more segmentation of the market, the development of future food construction machiney would stress on more rapid, efficient, convenient and lower cost, particularly the demand of small food machinery will be increasing, which requires companies and Blow molding machine suppliers to go out and make market research in large scale.

Second, the leading thinking of brand. Brand is the soul of an enterprise. At this stage although there are various machinery products, but lack in quality brands. Why some companies just work on the product development but ignoring the brand, the result is these good products only get a small share of the market since without a good brand. If an enterprise wants to operate its own brand well it must have reliable quality, excellent after-sales service and setting up an image of marketing propaganda, all of the three are indispensable. In fact, we have lost a lot of cip market opportunities. For example, a kind of small food machinery introduced by a friend is easy to use and has good quality, and it also has a good response when recommend to other friends. But people also said they have never heard of this brand before, even cannot find it on the market of most regions in their province. In this case, we could see this small food slitting machine has a large potential market, but the production cannot increase in wide range because of its low popularity. If this enterprise has invested much more in brand management, the result might be different. Brand awareness is a business philosophy, and the enterprises that have advanced thinking will always rank in the forefront of the market when facing competition; but the unenlightened consciousness will lead to naught and all bets are off.

Third, the early consciousness for customer. The ultimate consumer object is the user for no matter what products, and the user decides the market. In foreign countries, some milk producers establish user consumer file in order to manufacturing products with different ingredients according to the health status and body needs of each customer. Although it takes trouble in file work, the consciousness of everything for the user help the companies gain customers finally. China, as a vast land with large population, has different living standards, customs, and customer's machines demands for different regions. Therefore food engineering machiney manufacturers should establish the advanced consciousness of customer, to develop the products that satisfy the customers according to local living standard, population, diet custom and raw material resources.

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