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MG-HR-1500 automatic stretch blow molding machine
PET heat resistant stretch blow moulding machine
Brief introduction

Mega machinery Mold is China professional PET heat set bottle machine manufacturer, supplier and maker. MG-HR1500 automatic stretch blow molding machine with 2 cavities is specially designed to produce PET bottle with high heat resistance for hot filling package such as juice and tea. It adopts multiple blowing to reduce the residual stress, as result; shaped bottle, PET heat resistant stretch blow moulding machine has slight shrinkage during hot filling. In addition, crystallization varies with different mold design, as a result, the PET bottle produced can stand temperature over 100℃ depending on the type of PET material with different crystallization rate. The neck up blowing mode protects the bottle preform from damage during blowing and ensures stable performance.

With high strength, good transparency and low production costs, abundant material resource, MG-HR1500 plays a big role in hot filling package market.
China MG-HR-1500 automatic stretch blow molding machine Factoryblow molding machine

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